Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's take a swim!!

Yes this is our front yard! The bank on the ditch is washed out and with the heat we had over the weekend and beginning of the week, it has flooded! We had to move the trampoline and the swing set. They were both under water. But I have to tell you it has been a little convenient when the town lost all of our water, we used this to flush the toilets!The water for the town is now back on but we have a mandatory boil in affect for who knows how long. The kids have had a blast being out of school for 2 days. They have spent it frog hunting in the water. We tried to tell them it was 2 deep but, alas, what do we know. We are just the parents! So hey if anyone wants to come over for a swim, feel free!


Melea said...

Hey Misty,
It's funny that blogs are the way we keep up with each other. The water situation has been so much fun here in our little town and the boil order rocks! Your kids are adorable and I bet you can't wait to have that sweet little baby. See you around.

Collette said...

Holy moly! That is in town? Crazy. Hopefully it has gone down by now.
You look great. Good Luck in the next few weeks.