Saturday, October 13, 2007

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month....

I just wanted to make you aware that October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. Please keep those who are dealing with this great loss in your thoughts and prayers. I just saw a saying that says it all: A tiny life doesn't equal a tiny loss. I am dealing with our loss of Lilly and somedays it's easier than others. I don't cry as much anymore but it is still hard to see a newborn or a pregnant woman. And woman that I know were due the same time as me, it's really hard to see their babies. My angel would be 6 weeks old now and I just can't believe it's been 6 months since she went home to her Father in Heaven. I know she is safe there and she does not have to be here suffering through all the trials we have here on earth. She was too perfect for that. But as I hear the children laughing upstairs my heart aches for them that they don't have her here to play with. But someday we will be together again. And we have to hold on to that thought and be strong and endure to the end.
My sister in law just had to suffer this great loss too on Thrusday, October 11th. I hope that I can be of some comfort to her. Please all who read this, think of her and pray for her. I love you Kimmy and I am here for you! Now our lil angels are in heaven waiting for us together and they now have a friend so it brings me comfort to know Lilly is not alone. Take care my sweet lil one and we'll be together soon! Mommy loves you! XOXO