Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a really nice Christmas and got wonderful gifts. It was great to spend time with family and friends!

Snow Much FUN!!

Right before Christmas we got the biggest snowstorm I have seen in a long to while! We got pretty close to 24" of snow! IT was crazy! It snowed for almost 4 days straight!

We set this bowl out to catch snow so we could make snow cream. We set it out at about 10:00 on Sunday night and brought it in about 8:00 Monday morning. That's how much snow we got just over night!! CRAZY!!!

Loves for Kamdyn from Kyler because he kept falling n the deep snow.

Say cheese!

Keaton all tuckered out from shoveling snow!

Anika got married!

In December Anika, my niece, married a wonderful guy named Derrick! I'm so happy for them and wish them only the best! Love you Sneaky Nik! :)

Anika and Derrick: Together Forever

Anika and I

Anika and her brother Weston

4 of my beautiful nieces! (Anika and her sisters)

Anika and her family

Keaton's Christmas play

Keaton's Christmas play was so cute this year! Mrs. Phillips always does such an amazing job with the kids! Keaton got to be the Christmas tree this year! The only 4th grader that got to be on stage the whole time! :)

We saw Santa!!

The kids were so excited to see Santa this year! Kamdyn had become obsessed with seeing him because he wanted a train so badly! Mashayla asked for a bike, Keaton and ipod touch or banana chair, and Kyler a red wii or football bean bag.

Essay contest winners

MaShayla entered a patriotic essay contest and won third place! Not too shabby for a 6th grader! I'm a pretty proud momma!

MaShayla's Birthday

WOW!! She's 12!! When in the heck did that happen? I feel like I had some years stolen or something! There's no way she can be that old! I'm so proud of the young lady she is tho and can't wait to see the woman she will become! We had a lot of fun at her birthday party! We did a mystery dinner and a funky sock exchange. I also made a concession stand and served treats for the movie. We had strawberry crepes and sausage for breakfast.