Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why I LOVE living here!

This is why I love it here! I don't have to go and find nature, it finds us...right in our OWN FRONT YARD! You can't ask for much more than that! I loved growing up here and I am so glad we got to move back! It's heaven on earth!

At least she is OK!!!

That is all I have to say! My neice got in a car wreck today and let's just say that she faired better than her car! It is totalled! I feel so dang bad for her! Poor Girl! But she is OK and I am so grateful she wasn't hurt!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green eggs and ham.....and cinnamon rolls!

The kids wanted to have green eggs and ham this morning and so we made them and I decided I'd be nice enough to let them have a lil sugar too and so we topped breakfast off with a cinnamon roll! YUM!

One COOL Dude!

I put the sunglasses on him for fun and he was sitting in front of my closet doors that are mirrored and he just couldn't figure them out. It was so funny! He knew there was something different. Isn't he just the cutest thing you ever saw?!! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Calgon, TAKE ME AWAY!!!

So it seems that our bad week isn't over yet! On Saturday we got ready to go to the Mtn. View Lyman game to watch Kaycee play. We weren't there for 30 min. when Kyler said he had a headache and was cold. So I packed him and the baby up and headed home. He has ran a fever off and on all weekend and all three boys weren't feeling the best. So this morning I loaded up everyone to go get strep tests. ALL 3 boys have strep! UGH!! I am so ready for a break! Don't get me wrong, I am VERY grateful that, for the most part, we are all healthy and that we have a wonderful home, family, and community BUT.....things just start wearing on you after so long! Ya know?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh! What a week this has been!

It all started on Saturday. I have had a bad tooth that I have been fighting for 8.5 years and it finally abscessed. I woke up and the abscess was on the roof of my mouth and had a white head on it and was hanging down as far as my teeth do. So Ryan shoved a paper towel in the back of my throat and sprayed with chloraseptic and then proceeded to pop it and drain it. I kept draining it all weekend off and on.

Then Sunday night we came home from mom and dad's and Keaton wanted some ravioli's. He opened the can with the can opener but 2 sides didn't cut through all the way. He tried to pop it out and cut his thumb! I was downstairs and heard him screaming and Ryan say, "what did you cut it on?" I ran upstairs and found them over the sink with blood everywhere. We left for the ER about 7 that night and he got 5 stitches! He was SO brave and strong! I was so PROUD of him!! The Doctor there was AWESOME and did such a good job with him!
Not the best pic but I was trying to hurry! :(

Trying to be brave!

All done!

He's still so dang cute!
The culprit!

Then Monday I made the dreaded trip to the dentist. He said he's have to pull it and eventually put a temporary in it's place. He worked for quite a while to get it out but it didn't want to give up so easily! He finally got it out and that's when we realized just how bad the infection was. It had eaten up into my pallet and had exposed part of it, then it had started eating into my bone and it had spread to my sinuses. It has been a rough week recovering from that!
Monday night a drunk guy decided to crash his truck into our front yard and then he took off!
Then Tuesday Ryan woke up with a really sore throat. I made him a doctor's appointment and yep! Sure enough, he had strep! He has been so sick! His tonsil actually turned black! I am thinking is not a good sign! I think today he is finally starting to feel better.
Tuesday night I asked MaShayla to bring me my antibiotic and she did. It was whit and looked EXACTLY like my antibiotic. About 45 minutes later I started to feel woozy. Didn't think anything about it until Ryan said. "what is this prescription doing out here?" I said, "oh it's just my antibiot...not it's not! It's Hydrocodone!" Yep! That's right! My daughter had accidentally brought me Ryan's prescription for hydrocodone and drugged me! LOL! That medicine makes me SOO sick! And she felt SOO bad!

Wednesday brought a doctor's appointment for Kamdyn and 2 more shots! I hate those things!! He is still not sleeping on top of all of this and I am exhausted! I am definitely ready for some down time!

Kamdyn's 7 month page...

Can you believe it?!! He is 7 months old! HOLY COW!! There's no way he can be this big this fast! He weighed in at 17 lbs and 26.5 inches long. He is getting so big! :(

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My side of the family!

This year for Christmas we got the BEST gift of all!! My whole immediate family (all 40 of us)
were able to be together. And we made SURE that we got pics of all of us!

My mom and dad:
Me and my siblings (from l to r) Sherry, Bobbi, Kelly, Lori, and me:

All 40 of us:

Kamdyn and McKashyn:

The 2 newest grand kids and 2 newest great grandkids (from l to r)
Braydon, Kamdyn, McKashyn, and Camryn:
All 23 grandkids:
The great grandkids: Braydon, Camryn, and Hailee:
Bobbi and her Family(Jason, Justina, Braydon, Anika, Rick, Hailee, Weston, Netti, Bobbi, John Dana, Camryn):

Dana and her husband John and their 2 girls Hailee and Camryn:

Justina and her hubby Jason and their lil boy Braydon:

Kelly and Jen and kids(Trevor, Kaycce, Ty, and Linzy):
Sherry and Ren and Kids Austin, Kaitlin, Travis, Sheridan and Troy:

Lori and Tim and kids KyLeigh, Halle, Chayse, Kolbe and McKashyn:
My group:

My Mother's Ring....

Ryan got me a mother's ring for Christmas and I LOVE it. This 1 you could only get with 6 stones and so he put our anniversary stone(October) in the 1st and 6th place and then put MaShayla, Keaton, Kyler, and Kamdyn in order in the middle. The top has an engraving that says you complete us and the bottom says we love you mom. I couldn't get very good pics of it but here are a couple I got.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday Best....

Here's some pics of the kids dressed up in their Sunday clothes from Christmas. MaShayla and Kamdyn are the only 2 who actually got church clothes for Christmas because they asked for them (yes Kamdyn told me he wanted them!! LOL) Kyler is wearing this suit for the forst time. (It was Keaton's) So it was new to him so really the only 1 without something new to wear was Keaton. I felt bad! But I ask them if they want an extra toy or church clothes for Christmas, What do you think boys are going to say! LOL! They're not the best pics because we were running out the door to church but hey! What are ya going to do! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

My cute Kamdyn

Just love this pic and thought I'd post it!