Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My side of the family!

This year for Christmas we got the BEST gift of all!! My whole immediate family (all 40 of us)
were able to be together. And we made SURE that we got pics of all of us!

My mom and dad:
Me and my siblings (from l to r) Sherry, Bobbi, Kelly, Lori, and me:

All 40 of us:

Kamdyn and McKashyn:

The 2 newest grand kids and 2 newest great grandkids (from l to r)
Braydon, Kamdyn, McKashyn, and Camryn:
All 23 grandkids:
The great grandkids: Braydon, Camryn, and Hailee:
Bobbi and her Family(Jason, Justina, Braydon, Anika, Rick, Hailee, Weston, Netti, Bobbi, John Dana, Camryn):

Dana and her husband John and their 2 girls Hailee and Camryn:

Justina and her hubby Jason and their lil boy Braydon:

Kelly and Jen and kids(Trevor, Kaycce, Ty, and Linzy):
Sherry and Ren and Kids Austin, Kaitlin, Travis, Sheridan and Troy:

Lori and Tim and kids KyLeigh, Halle, Chayse, Kolbe and McKashyn:
My group:


Desi said...

That is very cool that you were able to be together AND get everyone's pics taken. All of the pictures are good, and your family picture is amazing. Beautiful.

Jen said...

Yay! We did that for my parents last year and it was awesome. I totally thought that Lori was YOU! I never realized how much you two look a like. And then with you going blond . . . :) (I like it by the way) I totally thought you were your sis though.