Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh! What a week this has been!

It all started on Saturday. I have had a bad tooth that I have been fighting for 8.5 years and it finally abscessed. I woke up and the abscess was on the roof of my mouth and had a white head on it and was hanging down as far as my teeth do. So Ryan shoved a paper towel in the back of my throat and sprayed with chloraseptic and then proceeded to pop it and drain it. I kept draining it all weekend off and on.

Then Sunday night we came home from mom and dad's and Keaton wanted some ravioli's. He opened the can with the can opener but 2 sides didn't cut through all the way. He tried to pop it out and cut his thumb! I was downstairs and heard him screaming and Ryan say, "what did you cut it on?" I ran upstairs and found them over the sink with blood everywhere. We left for the ER about 7 that night and he got 5 stitches! He was SO brave and strong! I was so PROUD of him!! The Doctor there was AWESOME and did such a good job with him!
Not the best pic but I was trying to hurry! :(

Trying to be brave!

All done!

He's still so dang cute!
The culprit!

Then Monday I made the dreaded trip to the dentist. He said he's have to pull it and eventually put a temporary in it's place. He worked for quite a while to get it out but it didn't want to give up so easily! He finally got it out and that's when we realized just how bad the infection was. It had eaten up into my pallet and had exposed part of it, then it had started eating into my bone and it had spread to my sinuses. It has been a rough week recovering from that!
Monday night a drunk guy decided to crash his truck into our front yard and then he took off!
Then Tuesday Ryan woke up with a really sore throat. I made him a doctor's appointment and yep! Sure enough, he had strep! He has been so sick! His tonsil actually turned black! I am thinking is not a good sign! I think today he is finally starting to feel better.
Tuesday night I asked MaShayla to bring me my antibiotic and she did. It was whit and looked EXACTLY like my antibiotic. About 45 minutes later I started to feel woozy. Didn't think anything about it until Ryan said. "what is this prescription doing out here?" I said, "oh it's just my antibiot...not it's not! It's Hydrocodone!" Yep! That's right! My daughter had accidentally brought me Ryan's prescription for hydrocodone and drugged me! LOL! That medicine makes me SOO sick! And she felt SOO bad!

Wednesday brought a doctor's appointment for Kamdyn and 2 more shots! I hate those things!! He is still not sleeping on top of all of this and I am exhausted! I am definitely ready for some down time!


Jodie said... You guys have had a rough week! Well, I hope that y'all feel better soon!

Collette said...

I really hope that the next week is really boring! Yikes. You had quite the week. I can't believe your tooth. I was holding my mouth just reading it. I hope you're feeling better.

Desi said...

That is a terrible week!! :o( I'm so sorry. Just one of those things would've been enough. They say they come in 3's! I hope everyone gets to feeling better VERY soon!!

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