Saturday, June 14, 2008

He's HERE!!

We went down wed. night to stay in a motel in Ogden. I had contractions pretty much all the way down there about every 8 min. We got checked in to the motel and ordered in pizza and tried to relax and calm down. I turned the t.v. off at 11:30 and tried to get some sleep. I of course couldn't really sleep and was checking the clock constantly. I rolled over in bed to check the clock and saw it was 3:00a.m. when I felt a lil gush. I ran to the bathroom, scared to look, because I felt the same thing with MaShayla and her's was blood from the placenta abruption. Thankfully this time no blood but my water had broken. So we packed up and checked out of our motel room at about 3:15 and the lady gave us some strange looks checking out in the middle of the night! LOL! Got to the hospital. Got admitted and hooked up to monitors and then tried to start an i.v. After 4 sticks and blown veins and throwing up, they finally got one but I look like a drug user! My arms are so bruised! They checked my cervix and I was almost a 5. I was having reg. contractions on my own and I got an epidural at about 6:30. I got really really sick and started puking again and my blood pressure had dropped to 72/38 so they gave me some epinephrine. But all through this the baby looked awesome! The contractions kind of fizzled out and so they turned on the pitocin at a lil after 7 and checked me again and I was a 6. They checked me about 10 and I was complete but we just kept letting the contractions bring his head down more on their own. I have always had to push for 2 or 3 hours and so I was scared to start pushing but I started pushing about 10:30 and he was born at 10:48!! I was so happy! I couldn't believe he came that fast! He came out with 1 hand at the same time as his head and was waving to the world! He was so sweet! He weighed 8 lbs 14 oz and was 19.5 inches long. We finally decided yesterday (because we couldn't leave the hospital w/out a name) to name him Kamdyn Blayke. It fits him and I love Kamdyn and wanted it and Ryan wanted Blayke so we just combined those 2. He nurses like a champ but last night was VERY long! He just wanted to eat all night! My milk hasn't come in too good yet but it's getting there. Here are some pics you can check out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

baby update....

Just wanted to update everyone and let you know that my induction is scheduled for June 12th. I am very nervous but we are all excited to finally meet this little guy!! Wish us luck and send us prayers that all goes well!