Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mountain View through and through....

BUT we will rescue Lyman when they need an extra player!! LOL!! MaShayla got invited to go and play in a basket ball tournament with the Lyman girls yesterday. Tom (the head basketball coach for Lyman, and Ryan's college room mate, and his daughter Alyx, is MaShayla's best friend and just 2 weeks younger) was kind enough to ask MaShayla if she wanted to come play with the girls. She said "ya" and he said, "You'll have to wear a Lyman uniform." And she said, " I don't care as long as I get to play basketball!" and I thought EXACTLY!! It doesn't matter who you play for when you really want to play, does it?! We heard many times yesterday "how good MaShayla looks in blue" and Autumn (Tom's wife) said she would petition Mtn View's school board so she could take MaShayla to Lyman! LOL! I told her it wouldn't work because my brother is on the school board. We had a lot of fun yesterday and it was a good experience and MaShayla played her little butt off! Tom is a wonderful coach and she learned a lot!! THANKS TOM!! We really appreciate all you do for us!

At one of the Lyman vs. Mtn View games this year, Tom had one of his girl's run to Ryan in the stands and hand him a Lyman tshirt. I told Autumn, "Thanks for the new rag!" LOL! Little did I know that one of my children would be wearing it! But only in this situation....or only when I don't want him wearing a good shirt, that could get ruined! I kid! I kid! ;)

My extra effort girl!

MaShayla got extra effort in school for the month of March which does not surprise me in the least! She is always going above and beyond helping out wherever she is needed! She will do anything I need her to do around the house and is such a special spirit! I am so lucky to have her in my life! Somedays I don't know what I'd do without her. Not just because she helps so much but also because she is one of my best friends and she makes me laugh! And who else would dance with me on the kitchen when I feel like clogging! LOL!! LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring BBQing in WY!

You have to love my husband! Everytime I do the menu the kids get to pick a recipe that they want and can help make. This time Kyler said he want schiskabobs (however you spell that!) and so I put it on the menu. Little did I know that the day we were going to make them, it was going to drop a bunch of snow, when just 2 days before it had been 65* But Ryan was not about to let Kyler down! So he braved the snow and cooked it all up for us! Thanks sweetie!! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bar J Wranglers

We got to go and see the Bar J Wranglers perform in Lyman last Thursday. They are always so fun to go to and the kids love them! They are hilarious!! And when "grandma" takes the stage it's hilarious!! This year she treated us to her rendition of Old MacDonald had a farm. Her's is titled "Dear Old Granny had an Altered Farm" It consisted of a flatulent dog, hicupping snake, narcoleptic pig, dyslexic sheep and a sneezing cow. It's the greatest! Not the best video quality but still hilarious!! We had a lot of fun even though Kamdyn was grumpy! Oh and don't mine his purple mouth in the pic of him with the Bar J Wranglers. Poor lil guy has thrush! :( And Kyler fell asleep so I don't have any pics of him with them. :(

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I know this lady who makes ADORABLE hats! I got Kamdyn's today and I had to take pictures to put on the blog!!

Moving cows home.....

MaShayla and Keaton helped my family move cows home on Saturday....BUT it was not a typical move the cows home kinda day! MaShayla stole grandpa's horse and so grandpa ended up driving the truck home....

then Keaton wanted to help but we didn't have a horse he could ride so he did it on his bike! LOL!! He rode that thing the WHOLE 10 miles!!

Then there is this goat..who thinks she is a COW! She wouldn't leave the cows when they moved them to winter pasture last fall so she went with them and this spring, she led the way home!
So it was quite a sight!

The old cowboy riding in the truck,

a boy driving cows on a bike , and a goat is the leader of the cows!! So...what did you do on Saturday?! LOL!

And these are just pics of my brother and my niece and their horses.

OH! And I had to include this picture of the milk cow's ADORABLE new calf!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kamdyn's 9 months old!!

Can you believe it?! Where in the heck did time go?! It makes me so sad! He is not suppose to grow up! :( Before I know it he will be 1 and then I'll really lose it! LOL!! He weighs 18.6 lbs and is 27 1/4" long. He has gained almost 10 lbs since he was born! Now if we could only teach him to sleep! But I will deal with it because I would rather have him here not sleeping than not here at all! So I will take the extra awake time at night! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Little Michael Jordan...

MaShayla is playing jr. jazz again this season. She loves basketball and has improved SOOO much from last fall's season. She has scored 10 and 12 points a game except for 2 or 3 games. They haven't lost a game and they are having a great time! She is such an awesome defensive player and if you have the ball, look out! She'll get it from you! I can't believe how aggressive she is and she is such a little hustler! Her last game is this Wednesday and I know she is going to miss it!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We got crafty!

I bought MaShayla a couple of flower barrettes from a beauty shop here and we both LOVED them so I decided to get some clips and my scrapbooking flowers and make some more! We had fun and dang it all, we ran out of different color schemes so we have got to wait until we get some where to get some more flowers! :( BUT here's what we have so far!

Oh and don't tell my hubby but doesn't Kamdyn look cute?!! LOL!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unloading the dishwasher and other cute, random pics!

So Kamdyn thought he'd be a big helper and help MaShayla empty the dishwasher! LOL!

And these are just some random pics because my baby is just so dang cute! He was being such a ham today!

And also a lil tired!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Saturday I was getting ready to cut Keaton's hair and he was sitting on a chair at the top of the stairs and Kyler was standing on the top stair behind the gate. I didn't realize he was there because I was looking for a sheet to put on Keaton. Well I guess he started pulling back and forth on the top of the gate and next thing I hear is a big crash and Shay screaming. For those that don't know our stairs are hardwood with tile at the bottom! I came running and he was just laying there not saying anything! I started down the stairs when he finally jumped up and came running to me screaming. So after it all he ended up being ok other than a bruise down his spine, 1 on his ankle and a headache. I was so scared! He has always been a mommy's boy and it scared me to death as the thought flashed through my mind that he might not be in my life anymore! I love this picture of him. Sherry caught it when we were doing family pics. He sooo didn't want his individual picture taken that night!