Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Moving cows home.....

MaShayla and Keaton helped my family move cows home on Saturday....BUT it was not a typical move the cows home kinda day! MaShayla stole grandpa's horse and so grandpa ended up driving the truck home....

then Keaton wanted to help but we didn't have a horse he could ride so he did it on his bike! LOL!! He rode that thing the WHOLE 10 miles!!

Then there is this goat..who thinks she is a COW! She wouldn't leave the cows when they moved them to winter pasture last fall so she went with them and this spring, she led the way home!
So it was quite a sight!

The old cowboy riding in the truck,

a boy driving cows on a bike , and a goat is the leader of the cows!! So...what did you do on Saturday?! LOL!

And these are just pics of my brother and my niece and their horses.

OH! And I had to include this picture of the milk cow's ADORABLE new calf!


Cindy said...

Looks like fun!!

Jodie said...

I love how Keaton was riding his bike! Too cute!

Jen said...

So fun! And so cute. I'm glad you guys are loving where you live. I can't believe keaton rode his bike that long. That's impressive. :)