Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ky's 1st day of preschool

Ky was so excited to go to school! He came up this morning all bleary eyed and his his pajamas still. But he was holding his back pack. Ryan asked him what he was doing and he said :"I don't know but I need my back pack!" LOL! He did finally wake up enough to get dressed and couldn't wait to get out the door. We finally got him to school and he did exactly what I thought he would. Got totally shy and didn't want me to leave him and started to cry a little. I got him convince I would be back for him and then he reluctantly let go of the death grip he had around my neck and let me put him down. When I picked him up from school, I asked him if he had fun and he said: I didn't have a verwy good day because thewre was a guurl wif a 2 seater bike and she wouldn't shawre wif me! LOL! AWWWW!! POOR KID!!


Trixy said...

Cute Cute Pictures I can't beileve how everyone has grown up. We are so old oh my heck

Melea said...

Hey Babe,
Those pics are adorable.
I added you to my favorite blogs. I hope that's ok. If not, just let me know.

Melea said...

Lily is so funny about school. She loves going to Holly's but she's not sure about the CDC. We'll see how she does. Thanks for the compliment about Spencer. He is a great kid. He is a very compassionate little man. BTW, your babies are adorable also.

Jen said...

Ok, I am so so sorry! :) Things are happening really fast. :)We are building right behind the rec center. Yes! Please come see me, I'd love it. :)