Thursday, November 13, 2008

Truly Grateful!

Let's just say that this morning we got an early Christmas present and we are so thankful!! We are having VERY high winds around 50 mph with gusts around 75 mph. I was dressing the baby in his room and Ryan was making breakfast in the kitchen and Kyler was looking out the living room window watching the wind, when we heard a BIG crash! Ryan yells what was that and I come running from the baby's room. Kyler yells duh big twee just feww down! WHAT?? I had taken the garbage out and I heard move the expedition. I thought no big deal I don't need to. I am leaving in just a bit to take Ky to school. Then again, MOVE THE EXPEDITION! So I moved it. The tree landed right where it was!! It could have not landed more perfectly. It fell right between the swingset and house. If it would have come through the window it would have gotten Kyler. It didn't hurt the deck or the swingset! Nothing got hurt!! EVERYTHING is FINE!! We were being watched over this morning! That is for sure!


Brittany and Weston said...

Even hearing the story for the second time gives me the chills! You guys are so lucky. Those pictures are crazy. Love you guys.