Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crying Cody....

This is a story that MaShayla had to write for school and I think it's very cute so I had to share! Cody is Weston and Brittany's son, so our nephew and MaShayla's cousin. She loves him so much and they are really good buds! I wish I had a picture of them together to put with this but I don't! :(

"There's Britany, Cody, Weston, and Kyce."
"Can I go see them?" I pleaded.
"Sure." But she kind of didn't know I was going because I sort of snuck away quietly while she was looking for a streachy headband.
We were at Walmart looking for the bathroom scales and all of a sudden I see my 2 year old cousin in a cart by his mom and his older 4 year old brother. I went to say hi and Cody looked at me and gave me the biggest hug I've ever seen a 2 year old give. I told Cody and Kyce hi and Kyce said, "I gonna get my movie!"
"Cool." I said. I gave them all a hug and I could tell Kyce was excided about his movie because he kept telling me the same thing. My mom finally came over to say hi, but of course she didn't know I even left.
"Kay well we'll see you guys later. I think we're coming to your house later." I explained I started to wave and walk away just as I hear Cody started to cry.
"Bye Cody." I said
"Me want mom." he kept saying as I walked away, turned, and I was thinking
"He loves me so much."
He kept saying "come back mom."
So I finally go back. I start laghing and he taps me.
"Up mom!" he told me. I asked Brittany and she said "Not right now but maybe when you come to our house you can."
"Kay." I said. Cody kept crying and saying "Up mom!"
"When I go to your hous I will hold you."
"Tay." he saddly said.
"Kay see you guys later." I informed.
"Oh tay bye." Cody said crying kinda.
On our way to get lunch I was sitting in the car while we were rolling down the road say to my self....
"I love that little boy and I know he loves me."


Jen said...

So cute! I love the pics of your kids. They're adorable. Keaton and Kyler look so much alike. Wow, they're all growing up.

Jen said...

Hello lovely. I just read your comment on my blog. #1 For the book: Did you get an invite through your blog email address, like yahoo or google, I can't remember if I sent it. I might need your email. Cuz you don't need my password, once your invited you just type in your email address and YOUR blogger password.
#2 I'm sad about your no friends comment. You should have a sisters night out! I know you love your home town and that makes me happy for you but when I lived in my home town I didn't bother making friends because I had my mom and my sis. You need friends lovely. Or just make sure your spending quality girl time with yoru sisters, it'll make you a happier mommy and wife. love ya!

Jodie said...

What a sweet story!