Sunday, May 17, 2009

Playing Catch-Up!!

We have been majorly busy and have missed posting a BUNCH of things! So I am just going to put them in 1 big post so.....bare with me! :)

Kamdyn's 11 month page, stats, and accident:

Can you believe it? My baby boy is almost a year old! It makes me soooo sad! :( Next month I will be posting pics of his 1st birthday party! Where in the holy heck did time go? He is now 19 lbs 2 oz and is 28" long. We also found out that he will FOR SURE need his tonsils out but we are TRYING to wait until he gets a little bit older. At least for 4 months. I would like to make it to age 2 because if they are younger than age 2, they have to stay in the hospital over night. He is so close to walking! He could, if he would quit being a chicken! He'll take 4 or 5 steps and then just sit down! He jumps in mid air, with both feet OFF the ground and then he will look and me and giggle! He is such a sweet, sweet boy! On the 13th we had a BIG OWIE happen! He grabbed grandma C's wood burning stove. He screamed for 2 hours until he finally wore himself out. I felt so bad! It made me so upset! Poor baby boy! :(

Here is a pic of his 11 month page:

And here is some pics of his hand:

Kyler's Preschool Recognition Day:

Kyler had a little graduation at his preschool and it was so fun to go to! He got a little certificate and got to show us the books and songs he liked and we got to make and eat ice cream sundaes! Then I got to go outside and play with him! In the one picture he is swinging next to a little girl that was in his class and she always says she is going to grow up and marry that "red headed Kyler!" She is such a cute, special little girl!


We had a visitor in our yard and this was just something fun to post!

Branding in Wyoming:

We went up to help dad brand a couple of weekends ago and it had been awhile! I don't think I have ever gotten pictures of dad branding so this year I decided to take some.

Mother's Day:

Mother's Day this year was kind of a bummer because Ry worked graves and I got to see him about 45 min. But that's ok! I got awesome cards from my kids and 2 carnations from KyLeigh and an awesome purse! I also realized I didn't have any pics with my mom so we started having fun and taking snapshots! It was also Tom's missionary farewell and MaShayla wanted a pic of her and him to put in the time capsule they are doing for school this year and they will open it when they are seniors. So here is just a bunch of random snapshots from mother's day!

MaShayla's Dance and Piano Recital:

MaShayla had her spring dance recital and her very first piano recital. I am so bummed I didn't have camcorder to record her 1 clogging dance! :( It was soooo AWESOME!!! Her piano sounded wonderful for just starting lessons 6 months ago. I am so proud of her! I can't get my piano video to upload so I guess pics will have to do! :(

Kyler's preschool's field trip to Grandma and Grandpa's ranch:

Every year one of the preschools here goes to my mom and dad's ranch for a field trip. This year Kyler got to go to because he goes to that school. He was so excited to take the kids to Grandma's and show them all of the neat stuff there! I hope the kids had a lot of fun!!


Jodie said...

Gosh, I don't know where to start! So many comments! I can't believe that our babies are going to be one next month! Where did the time go? I hope that Kam is feeling better! Congratulations to Kyler! MaShayla seems like everything she puts her mind to, she excels in it! I have never seen a cow branded before. So, thanks for those pictures! How cool is it that Kyler got to go to his grandparents ranch for a field trip! I love the pictures of you and your mom.

McCreath's said...

Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun things!!

Desi said...

I cannot believe you have Moose in your yard! LOL Totally cool.

And POOR KAM! My heart hurt looking at his poor little hand. :o( (((HUGS))) for you as well.

Kyler is too cute, I'd want to marry him to if I were little. ;o)

Your daughter is so beautiful and multi-talented. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures. I especially liked the ones with your mom.

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