Sunday, March 20, 2011

Den Leader

Tuesday night I got a call from the man who schedules the bishop's appointments asking me if I could come in for an interview Wednesday night. Of course I was hesitant! We all know what that means when the bishop wants to meet with you! But I said yes and Wed. night I had an appointment. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out what they may be calling me to help with. None of them I could think of sounded very appealing! lol Wednesday I got to meet up with a very dear friend, Jen, whom I haven't seen for almost 3 years. She told me that she had been called as den leader and that the scouts were meeting at her house that afternoon and that's when it hit me! CRAP! I'm going to be called as den leader! I started thinking right then how I could tell them no! lol Now some of you might be thinking right now how rude I am being but if anyone really knows me they now why I thought this. I DO NOT do well in public! Going out into public makes me literally have anxiety attacks and sick! I hate it! So I went to my interview and sure enough that's what they called me to help with. I hesitantly said yes because I know with callings come blessings and at this point I was going on faith! I came home and sat in the chair and literally bawled for a like an hour! I know nothing about scouts! I feel very insignificant for this calling and don't feel like the boys are going to benefit from my being there at all! But again, I'm trying to go on faith here! So that's where I am for now! Operating on faith and hoping that Heavenly Father will answer my prayers with some other things that have been going on lately! I am welcome to any help or tips you can give me for scouts!